GeoVál Engineering Ltd.

Address: 9700 Szombathely,
8. Fszt. 1. Bólyai János Street




During my studies I have managed to get concrete engineer degree, qualification for building energy certification, construction technical controller and reponsible technical inspector. I am able to use the following softwares: Auto-CAD, Strater3, GAEA Fides

I have taken part in many significant projects for 20 years of my carrier. I have participated in drilling soil borings, laboratory analysis and making reports. I have already ran geotechnical tests, renovations and strenghtened the structures of castles, churches, architectural heritage buildings and public buildings. Furthermore I had the chance to take part in the preparation work and the geotechnical surveys of motorway M7.

GEOVÁL Kft. was founded in 2011 as the successor of my self-employment. The main services are the followings: geotechnical soil drillings, soild analysing reports, making geotechnical plans, software based geotechnical planning, inspections of building damages. 

Authorization number: 01-15583


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